What Does 316L Mean in Stainless Steel Pipe?

What Does 316L Mean in Stainless Steel Pipe?

Introduction: In life, everyone has seen a lot of steel pipes, but they should not know the specific classification of steel pipes, but they can't call the specific names. Today let's get to know the 316L stainless steel pipe. And understand how steel pipes should be repaired and cleaned in daily life and its uses.

316L Stainless Steel Pipe Introduction

The middle of the 316L steel pipe is empty, and it is generally a long round steel. The use of this kind of steel pipe is mainly in the transportation pipelines of chemical, petroleum, food, light industry and other industries, and it is also widely used in some mechanical structures. An important feature of 316L steel pipe is that the weight of 316L stainless steel pipe is relatively light when it has the same degree of twist resistance and bending as other steel pipes. It is precisely because of this feature that it is widely used in mechanical parts, engineering In the structure, in addition, it will also be used in some weapons, grabbing, etc.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Stainless Steel

If stainless steel is exposed to air for a long time, it will also get dirty like other things. Studies have shown that two different ways of rain washing and manual washing have a certain relationship with the dirty surface of stainless steel. First, put one stainless steel slat in the atmosphere and the other in the canopy to observe the effect of the rain wash. The operation process of manual scouring is to use an artificial sponge dipped in soapy water to regularly fix the position of the material slats, and the period is 6 months for scrubbing. As a result, those slats that were not flushed in the shed had relatively much less dust on the surface of the flushed slats than the slats that were flushed in both ways. Therefore, the cleaning interval for stainless steel may also be affected by many factors. In life, we may only clean the stainless steel when we clean the glass, but if the stainless steel is outside, it is recommended to wash it twice a year.

Typical Uses of Stainless Steel

Most of the stainless steel is mainly used to maintain the original appearance of the building. When choosing stainless steel, aesthetic standards, earth corrosion, etc. are all factors we should consider. But in practical applications, everyone may just consider the integrity of his structure.
The effect of 430 stainless steel used in dry indoor is very good. In coastal areas, stainless steel surfaces tend to get dirty, but nickel stainless steel is the best way to get the most out of it. 304 stainless steel is mostly used in side walls, roofs and other construction sites. But if it is in a more aggressive place, such as industry, marine atmosphere, etc., then 316 stainless steel is the best choice.
Now everyone has a basic understanding of 316L stainless steel, but stainless steel is widely used in life and production. With the development of production technology, more stainless steel will appear.