Corten steel planter box

Corten steels are a class of alloy steels, although they were originally developed to resist atmospheric corrosion. But landscape and garden designers love its unique allure. As time fly, corten steels blend well with stone, wood, plants and other outdoor elements.

CORTEN is a major trend in garden design

In fact, the Wall Street Journal listed COR-TEN as a major trend in garden design for 2019. Using weathering steel for landscape applications is an effective way to define spaces, create borders and privacy, and add various functions to outdoor areas.
The color, texture and clean lines of weathering steel make it an ideal choice for modern landscapes and gardens. In addition, compared with other metals, it has the advantages of low maintenance cost, high strength, strong durability and cost saving.
In essence, the rusty appearance and practical advantages of weathering steel allow it to be used where concrete walls or other materials are not suitable.

Advantages of CORTEN in garden applications

Weathering steel is the epitome of the industrial age, and many designers have used it to highlight a unique industrial aesthetic and cultural memory function.
Moreover, the rusted surface tends to make people feel the vicissitudes of history, thus visualizing the concept of 'time' which cannot be captured, so it is very natural to apply it to some garden creations.

1.Outstanding visual expressiveness

The corroded steel plate will change with time. Its color lightness and saturation are higher than the general construction materials, so it is easy to stand out in the background of garden and green plants.
In addition, the rough surface produced by steel plate corrosion makes the structure dignified.

2.Strong shaping ability

Like other metal materials, corten steel is easy to shape into a rich variety of shapes, and can maintain excellent integrity, which wood, stone and concrete are difficult to achieve.

3.Distinct space defining ability.

Because the large strength and toughness of corten steel plate, it is not as much as the thickness limit caused by the structure of masonry material.
Therefore, thin corten steel plates can be used to separate the space clearly and accurately, so that the site can become concise and bright.

4. Changing appearance over time    

The color of the corroded steel plate will change with time, and its color will change greatly under the influence of environment and climate. After a long time, it is easy to change from bright reddish brown to dark blue gray. With the aging of time, the unique color and texture of the aesthetic weathering steel can reflect the unique artistic charm.

Types of Corten planter box

As the corten materials becomes more and more popular in garden applications, corten planter box is a major trend in modern industrialized style gardens. Here are some types of corten planter box.

The spiral shape of this weathering steel flowerpot adds height and artistic design to the garden.
spiral shape corten steel flowerport

Short, built-in weathering steel flowerpots around the terrace will add color and structure to the space, with herbaceous plants for a warm and welcoming look.
Short built-in weathering steel flowerpots

The circular iron planter in this larger pot creates depth and adds pattern to the garden on the outdoor terrace.
circular shape corten planter box

The backyard patio can be decorated with large corten planter box for a dinner party, as if it were being decorated for an outdoor space.
corten steel planter box in the backyard

Placed with succulents and large stones in weathering steel planters will add color and charm to your front yard.
succulents and large stones in weathering steel planters

The corten steel planter is designed from a combination of wood and weathering steel to allow people to sit and admire the garden.
combine wood with corten steel planter box