Comparison of Ethanol Fire Pit and Gas Fire Pit

There is nothing can create dancing glow flames of fire, which can give you romantic atmosphere in the night when you enjoy time with friends or beloved. While looking for fuel source for the fire pit, you have many options: wood, propane, natural gas, bioethanol etc. you’ll need to choose what is the most suitable for you, here we list the comparison of the most popular two kinds of fuel for fire pit: ethanol fire pit and natural gas fire pit.

ethanol fire pit and natural gas fire pit

Ethanol & Natural Gas

Ethanol fuel, also called bio-ethanol fuel, is a renewable energy source created from plant by-products. These by-products come from the crops such as sugar cane, corn, rice or grapes. Ethanol fuel is available in liquid or gel form, mainly composed of ethanol and methanol, which can be used as fuel for firepits, fireplaces or motor vehicles. During burning, bio ethanol fuel doesn’t generate any harmful elements. The biggest advantage of bio-ethanol fuel is that it allows you to set up the fire pit anywhere, that’s why ethanol fuel is becoming more and more popular though it is still a new concept nowadays.

Natural gas, on the other hand, is a more common energy resources not only in fire pits but also for cookers. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, this type of fuel is lighter than air, which means it can dissipate more quickly. It is also clean fuel but since the fossil resources are limited, many experts argue that the world will run out of natural gas in not far future. What’s more, most of families have already installed natural gas, you will need to run a hardline to your firepit or fireplace, the installation needs a certified technician, so that to ensure all lines are safety.     

Features of bio-ethanol fuel firepit


  • Quick and easy installation: no need of professional or technical installation, set up is easy and simple that every adult can handle;
  • No electricity: no flue, no gas: ethanol fire pit is self-contained and have a vent-less design;
  • Clean burning: no smoke, no soot, no ash is produced when burning;
  • Environmentally friendly: bioethanol is a renewable fuel source and it doesn’t harm the environment like other fuels;
  • Over 90% efficiency: the heat generated by the fire pit during combustion isn’t lost up the chimney;
  • Portability: easy to move and store.


  • Low heat output
  • A little bit more expensive
  • Limited combustion hour

Features of natural gas firepit 


  • Already available: most homes already run-on natural gas, so once installation, gas fire pit doesn’t require refills;
  • Most cost-efficient: the price of natural gas is cheap and natural gas generate high heat output;
  • Cleaner burning fuel: this fuel burns cleaner than propane, create less soot on your fire media;
  • Create a more white-toned fire


  • Requires hardline
  • Can’t be moved
  • Require professional installation
We have what you need

Ultimately, your decision should be based on your specific needs. Whatever you choose, natural gas fire pit or bio-ethanol fire pit, AHL CORTEN is ready to help you find the best solution with high quality fire pit. We have been producing corten steel products for more than 20 years, and has become leading manufacture not only in China but also worldwide, become our client, you will get a satisfied service experience. For more information, welcome to email or call us.